Our mission is to mobilize individuals towards the realization of their personal potential — in other words, we work to empower people.

We do this by investing in education, as we believe that the knowledge, social development, and cognitive tools that are developed through learning create a foundation which allows people to positively affect their own conditions and the conditions of those around them.

Students for Education, Empowerment and Development (SEED) is a registered charity that was created by a group of nine university students in 2005 who were passionate about the barriers that existed in Lusaka for those who wished to access education.

Initially an organization that focused solely on the provision of scholarships to students who could not afford to go to elementary school, SEED has now evolved into a grassroots community of people in all corners of the world. Members of this group work not only to gather funds, but also to engage themselves and others in continual discussion about ‘development’, as well as promote individual and collective empowerment as one of the many tools necessary to create sustained social change.