canada africa partner reservation NFL Draft, college football realignment and more from Ohio sports fans

NFL Draft, college football realignment and more from Ohio sports fans


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About the NFL Draft

Dear Mr White,: New York City, a Monday in April, circa 1992: At lunch, I walked to a hotel near Grand Central Station and sat on the ballroom balcony with perhaps 200 other people. The NFL draft took place below. Over time, the NFL wised up and moved to the weekends and Radio City Music Hall for its annual selection process before prime time and now – 750,000 decked out fans in Detroit.

I wonder what’s next. I’m thinking of a nightly show “Any Portal in a Storm” with host Hannah Storm, sponsored by DraftKings, in which the audience can place prop bets and parlays on whether the five-star WR from Alabama, who is furious his productivity has dropped from 83 receptions to 81. flee ‘Bama to Oklahoma or stay in Tuscaloosa where his girlfriend is a star volleyball player and their combined annual NIL earnings are reportedly $3,500,000. What’s the money limit, Hannah?

Jon Armstrong, Columbus

On the realignment of college football

To Brian: If I were king, this is how I would rearrange the 133 schools playing FBS football in 2023 in the other direction: Eleven conferences with 12 each is 132. Notre Dame wants to be independent, and they will remain so. Twelve schools from other conferences would form a new Eastern Conference (reuniting an old band): Boston College, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, UCF, Virginia Tech, West Virginia . The four that should complement the ACC are Maryland, South Carolina, SMU and USF. Missouri would return to the Big 12. Four other schools are moving to equalize smaller conferences. The Pac-12, MAC and Mountain West remain unchanged.

Dennis Singleton, Dayton

To Dennis: Why does each king allow Notre Dame to get what he wants, while others can be moved at will?

About Caitlin Clark

To the editor: I would love to see Caitlin Clark and Larry Bird compete in a televised horse shooting competition for $1 million dollars in sponsored prize money, with the proceeds donated to the charity of their choice. The ratings would surpass Billie Jean King and Bobbie Riggs’ tennis match and would be destination TV. PT Barnum would be salivating at such an event.

Michael Oser, Columbus

To Michael: It’s an insult to Clark to set her up with a 67-year-old man, don’t you think? Why not Clark vs. Curry? It also reminds me of Pete Rose who said a few years ago that he would only hit about .250 against today’s pitchers, “but only because I’m 80 years old.”

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