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Open primaries, Simpson ads, border, rule of law, nutrition


People vote at Paramount Elementary School in Meridian on Election Day, Nov. 7, 2023.

Why is the GOP trying to turn Idaho into Maryland?

The Idaho Republican Party is warning that passage of the open primary initiative would turn Idaho into California. It should be said that California’s primary system is not what is proposed, and that system wasn’t implemented until 2010, when most conservatives would agree that California was already in a terrible state. I am a conservative and would be against any system that would turn our state into a leftist paradise.

However, this raises a point. Why has the Republican Party in Idaho adopted a closed primary system identical to what exists in Democratic enclaves like Oregon and Maryland? Why are they trying to turn Idaho into Maryland?

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Of course it’s not that simple. A primary system cannot radically transform a state against the wishes of its voters. This is the logic underlying the closed primary system, but which the Idaho Republican Party denies when it comes to the Open Primary Initiative, so it can stoke unreasonable fear to maintain its own power. These types of arguments show why this initiative is necessary. At its core, the Open Primary Initiative is about taking power away from party bosses, who can only rule through fear, and returning power to the general electorate.

Adam Graham, Boise

Simpson’s immigration ads are misleading

Mike Simpson shows political ads on television that are not truthful. Idaho is not overrun by immigrants. The number of undocumented immigrants has remained stable since 2002. They work in construction, services and agriculture. Gang activity has increased in Idaho, but that’s because gangs are coming in from California, Chicago and our own Idaho inmates and white supremacists. China is the largest supplier of fentanyl to the US, and anyone coming in from the southern border is being brought in by US citizens to sell to US citizens. Has there been a huge increase in the number of people trying to claim asylum in the US? Yes. The pandemic had a drastic effect in many countries, in addition to political unrest. Is President Biden responsible for the current problems, or should we thank Republicans in Congress for not supporting any solution so they can blame Democrats? How can we hope for meaningful solutions to problems if we don’t choose to look at factual information?

Lori Ramirez, Meridian

GOP is blamed for border problems

Marjorie Taylor Greene denounced the Ukraine package. She wondered why Congress wasn’t defending the southern border. But isn’t it one of the main reasons why the border deal failed? Donald Trump complains about the border crisis to Biden, but isn’t he the one who blocked the border deal? Trump says other countries are sending “prisoners, drug dealers, mental patients and terrorists, and the worst they have.” But isn’t Trump the one who blocked the border deal? Donald Trump says immigrants are causing a ‘border bloodbath’. Donald Trump blames immigrants for an increase in violent crime, even though the data does not support that immigrants increase crime. Are Migrants Really Worse Than Donald Trump?

Sidney Asker, Boise

Making Iran-Contral look like child’s play

Does anyone remember the Iran-Contra investigation? Oliver North leads the charge. Fawn Hall Testifies Before Congress: “Sometimes You Have to Be Above the Law.” I was in my twenties and shocked by that extremely selfish, disrespectful, idiotic view of how this country functions. No one is above the law in this republic. We have three different branches of government. Each is responsible for specific functions. But none should function alone, unchecked and unresponsive to the citizens of this country. No one can be considered above the laws of the land at any time. Period of time. Trump tried to overthrow the government of these United States. Fake voters tried to overthrow the governments of these United States. Lawfully admitted to the bar, lawyers attempted to overthrow the government of these United States. Clarence Thomas is not entitled to serve in this current term. He sits. God have mercy on this republic.

Jeanie Lynn, Nampa

Thank the legislature for hungry children

This legislative session was a challenging but one of the most disappointing acts of the year. The legislature denies vulnerable young children food security during the summer months in their budget. This would cost $120 per child. The state would pay administrative costs of about $545,000 and the federal government would pay about $16 million.

As a member of the Homeless Coalition, we see firsthand the impact of rising rent and living costs, while wages are not keeping pace. While $120 worth of food may not seem like much, it can make a big difference for many families. Many families are one bill away from no housing. Our hardworking families can use the help from the state and federal government to continue feeding their children during the summer months. It is a small budget item for the state, but a large budget item for families.

Linda Beebe, Boise