canada africa partner reservation Colorado’s Travis Hunter shows his love to his girlfriend Leanna

Colorado’s Travis Hunter shows his love to his girlfriend Leanna


Colorado Buffaloes cornerback and wide receiver Travis Hunter has shown a lot of devotion and love for her fiancé Leanna Lanee. After being together for a few years, Travis proposed and got engaged in February. Since then, millions of followers have admired their love.

But it’s not just that gesture that has everyone talking about the couple, but they also have a YouTube channel together and have been sharing a lot of videos lately.

Most of those love videos contain a lot of the engagement content that every fan has been talking about and that’s why this event is getting views and clicks again.

Leanna has also posted content about the love she has for Travis

Travis Hunter’s fiancĂ© Leanna shared a photo on Instagram in which she appears wearing a white dress against a picturesque backdrop and a bright sun that blends perfectly with the clouds and a beautiful three.

In the photo’s caption, Leanna wrote, “I’d miss me too,” and Travis left a red heart in the comment section of the post.

The couple’s love story began when the Colorado Buffaloes player was a senior in high school and their love has grown tremendously since then. When Hunter proposed to Leanna, she shared photos on her Instagram account with the caption, “A million times, yes.”

Soon, all eyes will turn to the Buffaloes star as he looks to consolidate his high level of play Deion Sanders as a head coach and team that fell short of their intentions, but ultimately ended the way many experts predicted.