canada africa partner reservation ALGOP elects RNC delegates; Tuberville was appointed chairman by acclamation

ALGOP elects RNC delegates; Tuberville was appointed chairman by acclamation


MONTGOMERY – The Executive Committee of the Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) met Saturday to select the slate of delegates for this year’s Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

The meeting was the first of its kind since a bylaw amendment passed by ALGOP’s executive committee in 2023 that saw delegates chosen by the committee instead of voters choosing delegates from the ballot during Republican primaries.

U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) was elected as delegate chairman by acclamation.

After the announcement, he addressed those present.

“Folks, this is serious business,” Tuberville told deputies gathered at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Montgomery. “Now we’re going to have a good time. I’ve seen the route. We’re going to have a real good time. But while we’re there and we’re working, we’re going to work, and we” But you can only put it on one way, and I know you do this as people from the great state of Alabama.”

“You’re going to do it with enthusiasm, and you’re going to do it together as a team,” he added. “Go up and have a good time, but show it to the people from all the other 49 states, because we are the first to select the next representative of the Republican Party to be the next president. We are the first to come out. the parachute to get Donald Trump in the right direction.”

Delegates as follows:

Wholesale 1 Tommy Tuberville

Wholesale 2 Barry Moore

Overall 3 Dale Strong

In general 4 Robert B. Aderholt

In general 5 Joan Reynolds

Large 6 JT “Jabo” Wagoner

Wholesale 7 Jerry Carl

Overall 8 Denise Stimpson Bates

Big 9 Mack N Butler

Main Hall 10 Courtney Dennis Bowling

In general 11 Donna Johnson

Generally 12 James Mathews

Wholesale 13 Ed Foy

Wholesale 14 Britney Garner

Wholesale 15 Keith Kelley

Large 16 Linda Jackets

Wholesale 17 Robin L Rowan

At-Large 18 James W. (Jim Bennett)

Wholesale 19 Alex Reynolds

Wholesale 20 Bill Harris

Wholesale 21 Clint Grantham

Wholesale 22 Suzelle Josey

Overall 23 Gerrick Wilkins

Wholesale 24 Trey Garner

Larger 25 Logan Z. Glass

Wholesale 26 Jeana Boggs

Congressional District 1 1 Linda Overton

Congressional District 1 2 Jackie Gay

Congressional District 1 3 Judy G Barlow

Congressional District 2 1 Terrie Ryan

Congressional District 2 2 Cindy Burnside

Congressional District 2 3 Connie Grier

Congressional District 3 1 Mike Rogers

Congressional District 3 2 Eddie Branch

Congressional District 3 3 Debbie Parks

Congressional District 4 1 Bonnie Sachs

Congressional District 4 2 Debbie Sachs Alvis

Congressional District 4 3 Sherry Reno Hyche

Congressional District 5 1 Sue Alexander

Congressional District 5 2 Tobias Vogt

Congressional District 5 3 Donna Hamaker

Congressional District 6 1 Renee Gentle Powers

Congressional District 6 April 2 Weaver

Congressional District 6 3 Freddy Ard

Congressional District 7 1 Rick Pate

Congressional District 7 2 Pierce Boyd

Congressional District 7 3 John H. Merrill

The executive committee also elected alternate delegates.

Alternate delegates as follows:

Ranks 1 overall Jim Robertson

Ranks 2 David G Grimes overall

Large 3 Lauren Cowart

Ranked 4 overall Ben Harrison

State overall 5 Glenda S. Jackson

Ranked 6 overall Jonathan O. Barbee

Ranked 7 overall Robin Foy

Ranked 8 overall Terry D. Martin

Ranked 9 overall Mark Gidley

Ranked 10 overall Matthew R McMullin

Overall 11 Michael J. Brooks

Ranked 12 overall Joe Freeman

Ranked 13 overall Barbara Calhoun Grimes

State overall 14 Cindy Myrex

State generally 15 Sondra E. Epperson

Ranked 16 overall Laura Barlow Heath

Ranked 17 overall David Bowsher

Ranked 18 overall Joanne Sellers Barbee

State overall 19 Frank Hayes

Ranked 20 overall Caleb Conner

State overall 21 Darlene Hutchinson Biehl

Ranked 22 Terri Hasdorff overall

Ranked 23 overall Dee Lynn Voelkel

State overall 24 Charles Knight

State overall 25 Deborah Hunter

Overall stands 26 Arif Shad

Congressional District 1 1 John L Lake

Congressional District 1 2 George Williams

Congressional District 1 3 Mike Wilson

Congressional District 2 1 Marie Marshall

Congressional District 2 2 Rebekah Cornelison

Congressional District 2 3 René Cronier

Congressional District 3 1 Elizabeth Ham

Congressional District 3 2 Debra Beatty

Congressional District 3 3 Rachel Wallace

Congressional District 4 1 Carson M. Butler

Congressional District 4 2 Bennett Pugh

Congressional District 4 3 Bradley L “Brad” Williams

Congressional District 5 1 Annelie Vogt von Heselholt

Congressional District 6 1 Joe Domnanovich

Congressional District 6 2 Teresa G. Rima

Congressional District 6 3 Lisa Pate

Congressional District 7 1 Hal Pate

Congressional District 7 2 Cindy Merrill

Congressional District 7 3 Louise Boyd

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