canada africa partner reservation DND again denies a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ with China

DND again denies a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ with China


Secretary of Defense Gilbert Teodoro. (Photo from the DND Facebook page)

Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro again denied that the Department of National Defense has somehow agreed to a “new model” of an agreement with China, which he described as a “cunning machination through their embassy in Manila.”

Teodoro also mentioned the recent condemnation of the actions of the Chinese Coast Guard and maritime militias against Filipino fishermen and the Philippine Coast Guard in Bajo de Masinloc (Scarborough Shoal) during the recent SQUAD meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, and expressed his curiosity about the new statements from the Chinese embassy.

In the latest incident, CCG ships fired water cannons at PCG ships, damaging equipment worth millions of pesos.

Teodoro stated that he has not allowed any communication between the ministry and the Chinese embassy since taking office as defense minister. The last official contact was when Ambassador Huang Xilian paid a courtesy visit to his office.

“During the said courtesy visit, there was no discussion or briefing on a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ or ‘new model’, which is contrary to the statements of the Chinese embassy,” Teodoro said in an official statement released by the DND on Sunday, May 5 was released. , noting that the “sham must stop.”

“I am issuing this statement to raise awareness about this clear attempt by China to advance yet another lie to divide our people and distract us from their unlawful presence and actions in our EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone),” he said.

The defense chief also called on the Filipino people, the media and the international community to be aware and “wary of China’s methods of manipulation, interference and malign influence in advancing its own interests.”

On April 27, the DND also released a statement denying knowledge of or being party to any internal agreement with China regarding Ayungin Shoal in the West Philippine Sea since President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. took office. .

“The story promoted by unnamed or unidentified Chinese officials is another gross attempt to advance a falsehood,” the statement said.

Teodoro said China is pushing false stories to divert people’s attention from the real issues within the WPS that are causing tension in the region. the Sea), which they signed.”

“We will never enter into an agreement that compromises our sovereignty and sovereign rights under the UNCLOS, as affirmed by the 2016 arbitration award,” he said.