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Kennebunk Parade Crash – NECN


Several people were injured Saturday when an antique vehicle struck a parade float in Kennebunk, Maine, in what appears to be a total accident.

Kennebunk Fire-Rescue says many people unfortunately witnessed the accident that occurred at the start of the parade formation on Water St.

According to Kennebunk Fire-Rescue, the antique vehicle “unexpectedly lurched forward” and ultimately crushed several people between the car and a trailer used as a float with numerous children on it.

Three adults were injured, two of whom suffered serious injuries to their lower limbs. Police told NBC10 Boston affiliate News Center Maine that it was two women who were trapped between the vehicle and the float, while a man was not trapped but was injured by the impact. All three went to hospital and some may need surgery.

Several children suffered bumps and bruises after losing their balance on the float due to the impact.

The driver of the vehicle was shaken but did not suffer serious injuries, according to News Center Maine. Police also said they did not appear intoxicated.

Kennebunk Fire-Rescue said they wish everyone who was injured Saturday a speedy and successful recovery, and they also thanked the bystanders and physician assistants who helped them with patients during the parade.

The Main Street Parade was hosted by the city as part of the annual May Day Festival and had just begun at 1:30 p.m. when the crash occurred.

According to News Center Maine, the event went largely as planned; it was not clear if there was ever a discussion to end the parade.

Police also could not specify which group or organization the float in question represented.

The antique vehicle has been seized and investigations are underway to determine the cause of the accident.