canada africa partner reservation Long Beach fireworks show canceled after missed application deadline – NBC Los Angeles

Long Beach fireworks show canceled after missed application deadline – NBC Los Angeles


After lighting up the sky every summer for more than a decade, a fireworks show in Long Beach has been canceled after organizers failed to obtain a permit for the event.

The Big Bang on the Bay, which takes place over Alamitos Bay every July 3, was canceled this year. The family-friendly event not only serves as entertainment for the public, but also as a fundraiser for local organizations.

Don Rodriguez, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach, said his organization spearheaded this year’s event. A deadline in the application procedure was not met.

“They said we were late and we couldn’t get the permit for this year’s event,” Rodriguez said.

Organizers of such events must apply to the California Coastal Commission and receive approval at a hearing to obtain a permit. The time frame for each case varies, but the law gives the commission up to 180 days to submit or deny applications.

“Since we have received evidence that there are biological impacts associated with these fireworks displays, the Commission determined it was appropriate to require a coastal permit,” said Shannon Vaughn, district manager of the California Coastal Commission.

With the show now over for this year, Rodriguez said his organization and other participants had taken a hit.

“Not only are we affected financially, but it also affects the residents here in Long Beach who come to this event,” he said. “More than 100,000 people benefit from this event every year.”

He said the show would have been the biggest fundraiser of the year for his nonprofit. He also added that ten other charities would benefit.

“We never turn anyone away for financial reasons, so we survive on donations,” Rodriguez said.

Although popular, fireworks shows have been controversial in the past due to their impact on the environment.

“We learned what fireworks do to our environment and what people deal with, like PTSD, dogs and cats are disturbed by them,” said Gordana Kajer, a Long Beach resident.

Kajer is part of several lawsuits filed against the event in the past. It is unclear what complaints Kajer has filed against the Big Bang on the Bay.