canada africa partner reservation The Minnesota Vikings legend gives an honest look at the departure of Kirk Cousins ​​and the selection of JJ McCarthy

The Minnesota Vikings legend gives an honest look at the departure of Kirk Cousins ​​and the selection of JJ McCarthy


Kirk Cousins ​​opted to turn down an extension with the Minnesota Vikings and instead join the Atlanta Falcons — and a franchise legend has given his thoughts on the exit

Kirk Cousins ​​left the Vikings to join the Falcons(Getty images)

Minnesota Vikings icon Jared Allen has weighed in on the team’s decision to part ways with Kirk Cousins, suggesting it was a wise move for the future of the franchise.

After a six-year stint with the Vikings, Cousins ​​opted out of an extension and took his talents to the Atlanta Falcons, where he plans to chase a Super Bowl ring in the twilight of his career. Despite putting up four winning seasons, Cousins ​​couldn’t steer the Vikings to Super Bowl glory.

The departure of Cousins, now 36, clears the way for rookie JJ McCarthy to lead the Vikings’ offense. While acknowledging a possible adjustment period without Cousins, Allen expressed confidence in the strategic change during his chat on “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich.”

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Allen commented, “It shook out like it should have shaken out. I would have moved on just because there’s nothing personal from Kirk’s point of view, but you have to look at where the future is going to be. Even if you get two or three great years without Kirk, for that kind of money you’re setting yourself up for a good draft pick and in the right direction.

“I think with the coaching staff you have there you make the right decision. You invest more in the young guys, you invest in the guys around the attack, especially now that you have McCarthy… I think they have the right thing done.” .”

He added: “And at the end of the day, especially from a quarterback perspective, you’re judged by wins and losses and Super Bowl wins in the playoffs. That’s why they get the big money. … We were no closer to winning a Super Bowl where all that money was invested in Kirk — we went to the NFC Championship Game with Case Keenum and we never got back there.