canada africa partner reservation Keep Maine’s Julia Gagnon on ‘American Idol’: How to Vote Tonight

Keep Maine’s Julia Gagnon on ‘American Idol’: How to Vote Tonight


Julia Gagnon from Maine needs your help tonight to become the next American Idol winner.

22-year-old Julia Gagnon is crushing it American Idol, from the platinum ticket in the season premiere to singing every song thrown at her! She is now not only impressing the judges, but also America. The student from Cumberland, Maine, needs YOU to keep the dream alive! She needs us to vote to get her to the Top 5. Tonight the Top 7 will perform, including Julia!

Julia Gagnon Facebook

Julia Gagnon Facebook

Broadcast live from coast to coast, the Top 7 has the tough task of singing hits from sixteen-time Grammy winner and best-selling recording artist Adele. America will then vote live for the Top 5, with the results revealed after the final commercial break. Meanwhile, Meghan Trainor returns to perform her new single ‘Been Like This’.

Getty Images for the shot A

Getty Images for the shot A

How can I vote for Mainer Julia Gagnon?

Vote tonight! The show starts Sunday at 8pm on ABC. If you are committed, you can vote for a participant (Julia) up to 30 times, 10 times online, 10 times on the American Idol app or text your voice 10 times. Julia is #4, so text ‘4’ to 21523 from 8pm! They will eliminate two singers tonight. Her ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ from last week was ambitious and spot on!

Not only is Julia a great singer, but she also makes you feel all the feels when she sings. From tears to joy, this young, newly engaged Mainer has a real shot at becoming the next American Idol! DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!

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