canada africa partner reservation Five mailbox frames to complete your movie night

Five mailbox frames to complete your movie night


In the world of streaming, decision fatigue is real. A Nielsen Media study study last year even found that 20% of viewers reported being so overwhelmed by choice that they often ended their streaming session without watching anything.

In such cases, it may be best to plan ahead. A useful tool that can help combat decision fatigue is a carefully curated tool Mailbox list made by film lovers for film lovers. Below are a few lists that my friends and I consult weekly when planning Saturday movie nights.

The “Classic Movies for Beginners” list is exactly what it sounds like: a list of easy-to-watch films from the Golden and Silver Ages of Hollywood, complete with custom posters to make the list aesthetically pleasing. Each film listed is considered essential viewing for the average film lover, and the selection spans a wide variety of genres, directors, and decades. Conveniently, the list is arranged from the easiest watch (“The Wizard of Oz”) to the most difficult watch (“Gone With the Wind”).

Where to start: Despite the difficulty of the list, I actually recommend starting with Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’: a fun ensemble thriller that manages to keep you on your toes and has a feel-good ending.

The Weirdo Watchlist, which inspired this article, is extremely useful if you want to change your viewing habits. If you’re tired of the classic tropes of the average blockbuster action movie or romantic comedy, the Weirdo Watchlist is here to help you find a movie that is, as they put it, “slightly off-kilter.”

Make no mistake though; this list is not a one-to-one copy of the Criterion collection, nor an obscure cinema catalogue. ‘Slightly Different’ is a broad category, and the list ranges from broad and generally popular releases such as ‘The Green Knight‘ or ‘Cats’, to more niche films, such as the dark indie comedy ‘The Greasy Strangler’ from 2016 or the Japanese B-comedy ‘The Calamari Wrestler’ from 2004.

Where to start: “Strawberry Mansion” is good if you want a trippy indie film with great practical effects. If you’re more in the mood for a darkly comedic showcase of Rainn Wilson’s dramatic talents, try “Super.”

This list can also help you leave your comfort zone. The concept is self-explanatory: the list offers older counterparts to modern films. So if you like it “The Joker” (2019), watch “The King of Comedy” (1982). While these two films are thematically very similar, it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not exactly a science, and some of the comparisons on the list are a bit looser than that. For example, the main similarity between “Birdman” (2014) and “Rope” (1948) is that both films should consist of one take. Thematically and plot-wise, however, they are not very similar.

Where to start: The new-old duo of ‘Knives Out’ (2019) and ‘Clue’ (1985) would make for a great comedy, murder mystery double feature on your next movie night.

Visually insane might be what many people expect from Weirdo Watchlist when they click on it. It’s wall after wall of bright, psychedelic thumbnails, arranged by color, with films that offer a “hallucinogenic, meditative, poignant, dreamy or chaotic visual feast.” Unlike some other lists, the nature of this list means that in addition to the more classic fare, it also includes a host of animated films, offering a whole new realm of crazy visuals.

Where to start:Perfect blue‘ is a nerve-wracking psychological thriller with incredible animation that is guaranteed to make your evening.

If you’re anything like me, browsing through these lists has put you in the mood to sit down and watch a good movie. Maybe you’re afraid of losing momentum by opening Netflix and succumbing to the “staring into the refrigerator” effect.

Don’t worry, because this list offers a small selection of excellent movies that are all free (and legal) on the Internet Archive, some of which are even on the other lists mentioned above! Great Movies Free on is a great list to keep on hand as a consolation prize after discovering that something you want to watch is only available on a platform you don’t have.

Where to start: ‘Harold and Maude’ is a well-acted dark comedy that beautifully captures an unconventional yet moving love story. It’s a little out there, but it’s definitely a must-watch.

The next time you open Netflix and are amazed by the seemingly endless scroll, try one of these lists. Not only can you actually choose a movie, but you might also find a new favorite that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. Enjoy watching!