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What is it, how does it work?


Divergent diamond interchanges reduce the number of accidents while improving traffic flow and flow.


A busy intersection in Collier County could soon get some relief.

A deviated diamond interchange will be coming to the I-75 interchange at Pine Ridge Road in Collier County.

According to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), these interchanges are safer and improve traffic flow at high-traffic interchanges.

Diverging diamond interchanges reduce the number of conflict points where traffic intersects, merges or diverges and has been shown to reduce crashes by 50 percent, FDOT reported.

A study comparing disparate diamonds to a conventional diamond interchange found that these designs reduce delays by 15 to 60 percent and increase throughput by 10 to 30 percent, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

The planned DDI in Collier County is expected to reduce delays on Pine Ridge Road, increase waiting capacity on the southbound exit of I-75 and reduce conflict points, according to previous reports.

Here’s what you need to know about divergent diamond junctions:

Where will the divergent diamond interchange be built in Collier County?

A divergent diamond interchange is planned for I-75 at Pine Ridge Road.

To learn more about the project and share input, FDOT has scheduled public in-person and virtual meetings.

What is a divergent diamond exchange?

A diverging diamond interchange shifts traffic to the left through the interchange and eliminates the need for left turns against oncoming traffic.

Crossing lanes with traffic lights on each side of the interchange helps ease traffic flow, while through traffic and left turns occur simultaneously, reducing wait times.

According to FDOT, the primary benefit of a divergent diamond interchange is the seamless ingress and egress to and from the highway.

Deviating diamond exchange planned: FDOT to hold public workshops for Collier County’s first divergent diamond exchange

Why are diverse diamond junctions safer?

In addition to improving traffic flow, divergent diamond interchanges reduce conflict points – points where two vehicles could potentially collide – leading to a 50 percent reduction in crashes, according to FDOT.

Conflict points are reduced because left turns and movements can occur without crossing lanes.

Diverse diamond junctions in Florida

According to FDOT, there are currently six diverse diamond interchanges open to traffic in Florida, with several under construction, having safety, operational and engineering approval or in the early planning stages.

Contributions: Laura Layden, Naples daily news

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