canada africa partner reservation SIU Edwardsville students protest the Israeli genocide in Gaza

SIU Edwardsville students protest the Israeli genocide in Gaza


About 50 people gathered for a peaceful protest May 4 outside the Vadalabene Center at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, drawing attention to the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the recent injury of an SIUE professor during a demonstration in St. Louis .

“I have a lot of respect for Dr. Tamari, I have known him for a long time and I felt like I had to do something to support him because the government here doesn’t want that,” said SIUE protest organizer Brad Roderick of St. Louis . “He sacrificed a lot for the human rights movement in Palestine.”

Roderick, who claimed to be with the Revolutionary Communists of America, said he also wanted to give SIUE students the opportunity to join the movement underway in the United States to support Palestinians facing what some United Nations officials have called genocide. in Gaza.

“I don’t want to live in a world where I have to listen to a phone call from a six-year-old girl crying to aid workers and begging to be saved, only to find out that the Israeli army killed her and the people trying to kill her to save,” Roderick said.

Fellow protest organizer Tori Roderick of Collinsville said the demonstration was also intended to point the finger at the SIUE government.

“The aim is to condemn the chancellor and the government for not speaking out about Dr. Tamari, who was assaulted by Wash U police,” said Tori Roderick. “We want a statement condemning what happened at Wash U.”

Saturday’s protest, which featured chanting slogans and signs, took place just outside the building where more than 2,200 SIUE students participated in commencement ceremonies. The demonstration took place under the watchful eyes of campus officials and local law enforcement personnel and did not appear to disrupt proceedings inside.

“We are here today in support of our graduates and the right to First Amendment assembly. Students making their voices heard is something we fully support,” said SIUE Communications Director Nicole Franklin. “We are an institution that supports diverse perspectives. Professor Tamari is a faculty member here and we support his right to protest.”