canada africa partner reservation The JJ McCarthy Effect Is Real (Maybe)

The JJ McCarthy Effect Is Real (Maybe)


After the Minnesota Vikings selected Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy 10th overall in last weekend’s NFL Draft, one of the points people made about him was the fact that he wins a lot. He was incredibly successful in high school, compiling a 27-1 record in his two years as a starter at Michigan. Now you can talk about whether or not wins are a quarterback statistic, but a curious thing has happened to Minnesota sports teams since McCarthy was drafted.

They also can’t stop winning.

As Fantasy Pros writer and fellow Vikings fan Thor Nystrom pointed out on social media last night, no Minnesota sports team has lost since the Vikings selected McCarthy last Thursday.

Since McCarthy’s selection last Thursday, the Minnesota Twins have won nine straight games (part of an extended 12-game winning streak). The Minnesota Timberwolves, after losing their final regular season game prior to the draft, have now won five straight in the NBA playoffs, including the first four-game sweep by each team in the history of Minnesota sports when they defeated the Phoenix Suns in Round 1. Even the local soccer team, Minnesota United FC, has had a few wins since McCarthy’s selection.

All told, Minnesota sports teams are 16-0 since the Vikings added their quarterback of the future just over a week ago.

Now I’m not saying that correlation in this case equals causation, because that is almost certainly not the case. But you have to wonder a little. . .not true?

(And if the Twins lose to Boston today, just forget I said anything.)