canada africa partner reservation Bears Rookie’s first interaction with Caleb Williams did not go well

Bears Rookie’s first interaction with Caleb Williams did not go well


The Bears’ new class of rookies may not be as big as in previous years, but they certainly have some serious star power. Among the potential stars is Iowa gambler Tory Taylor, whose selection has sparked passionate debate among fans. Taylor was selected by the Bears with the 122nd overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Following his selection, Taylor received a funny text from fellow design class member Caleb Williams. Williams’ message was that Taylor doesn’t have to kick often in Chicago.

“Hey, you are not I’m going to kick too much this year.”

In a recent interview on Barstool Sports’ “The Mid Show,” Taylor confirmed that he received a text from Caleb. But amid all the chaos and fuss since he was drafted, Taylor realized he never really sent Williams back.

“I never texted him back, I got thousands of messages. I was like, oh sorry man, I totally forgot to contact you. But yeah, he seemed like a really cool guy.

As they pointed out on the show, ignoring your quarterback’s message when you first meet isn’t ideal (in this case, it’s really not that serious). But let’s be honest: it’s a hilarious story that they both look back on and laugh about. With the Bears rookie OTA coming up, it will be interesting to see how this rookie class builds on their chemistry. But it looks like they’re already off to a good start!

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