canada africa partner reservation The state is competing with California to become the “left-wing progressive utopia.”

The state is competing with California to become the “left-wing progressive utopia.”


When we hear about the woes of blue states, names like California and New York immediately come to mind, but perhaps we should add a new name to the list of places Democratic officials are screwing up: Illinois.

The Daily Caller reported Thursday that new data indicates the state our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, once called home is in a downward spiral.

While California still leads the nation with the highest unemployment rate in the country at 5.3 percent, Illionois is not far behind in fifth place at 4.8 percent.

The comparisons don’t end there. With the eighth highest tax burden and high crime rates, many Illinoisans are choosing to simply leave the state for greener pastures – as Californians have done.

Bryce Hill, director of fiscal and economic research at the Illinois Policy Institute, told the Daily Caller News Foundation: “The Census Bureau has reported that residents are leaving the state en masse each year, by the hundreds of thousands. that the state’s population has actually declined over the past decade.”


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As of July 2023, the population of Illinois was 12,549,689. That number was down by 32,826 from 2022. Census data showed this decline to be stable, as the population was 12,813,469 on April 1, 2020.

Heartland Institute Senior Fellow ST Karnick cited a few reasons for this decline. “Pollings name high taxes as the top reason people want to leave Illinois, with crime and safety second. Illinois has the fourth most regulations of the 50 states, driving up prices and eliminating jobs.”

Violent crime in Chicago is up 18 percent in 2023 compared to a decade earlier, while arrests fell 33 percent over the same period.

At the center of Illinois’ problems are rising pension costs. The national pension debt currently stands at $142.3 billion. Since fiscal year 2000, inflation-adjusted spending on pensions has increased 584 percent.

Would you live in Illinois?

Illinois adopted a new constitution in 1970. Article XIII, Section 5 states that retirement benefits cannot be “diminished or impaired.” Couple this with Senate Bill 95 of 1989, which provided a 3 percent compound benefit increase for retired Illinois residents in the retirement system, and you have found the root of the problem.

Hill highlighted the damage caused by the declining population and pension problem, saying: “Migrants are taking more than $10 billion in revenue out of the state as we lose people to internal migration,” but added that it pension depletes the budget and ‘large sources of income.”

Democratic Gov. JB Pritzker tried to take an optimistic stance in his State of the State address in February. “We also grew Illinois’ economy to more than $1 trillion. … We have attracted billions of dollars in new business investment and created tens of thousands of new jobs.”

Illinois’ GDP grew 2.3 percent annually in the fourth quarter of 2023. This is lower than the national total of 3.4 percent in the same quarter. Many companies have announced cutback plans in recent years.

While something is clearly wrong, it’s amazing how one-size-fits-all is the solution to the catastrophe plaguing the blue states.


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First of all, violent crime and all forms of crime must be tackled. Declining arrests and rising crime rates are making Illinois residents feel unsafe. The blue state policy of calling for clemency on crime must end in Illinois.

Exploding pensions must end because they are a burden on taxpayers. Illinois has become pro-government and anti-business. Government employees are withdrawing into an out-of-control pension fund while taxpayers foot the bill, causing job losses.

Why bring your business to Illinois if your taxes go to paying for a bloated government that can’t even protect you?

Pritzker admitted in his SOTS speech that Illinois is also experiencing an influx of illegal immigrants. This will certainly further burden taxpayers.

If you keep it in mind, those are three basic solutions to keep Illinois from becoming another one of the left’s progressive utopias.

The people of Illinois need law and order, tax cuts, and a secure border.

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