canada africa partner reservation Sam Pittman of Arkansas supported Mystic Dan in the 2024 Kentucky Derby

Sam Pittman of Arkansas supported Mystic Dan in the 2024 Kentucky Derby



Arkansas football coach Sam Pittman might have gotten lucky for the 2024 Kentucky Derby winner.

Appearing on “The Paul Finebaum Show” Thursday, Pittman said he would be there to support his friends Daniel and Scott Hamby, with Daniel being one of Mystic Dan’s three owners.

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Naturally, Mystic Dan won the race with a photo finish, despite leading 18-1 at Churchill Downs on Saturday.

“One of my friends, well, two, Dan and Scott Hamby, they have a horse, Mystic Dan, named after their father, and he’s running in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.”

Pittman, who said he also attended the Kentucky Derby as a Tennessee assistant in 2012, also claimed he would be one of the best dressed at the event, although photos of his attire have yet to emerge in the aftermath of the race.

“They’ll say, ‘Do you have one of the horses?’ said Pittman. ‘I’ll look that good, Paul.’

Pittman even said he would wear trendy shoes.

“I ordered a pair of Alexander McQueen sneakers for the road,” he said with a grin. “I’ve never worn them before, but the kids earn so much NIL that they can afford them and I can’t. I got enough money together to buy some.”

Pittman and his shoes may have been Mystic Dan’s good luck charm.

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Sam Pittman roots for Mystic Dan in Kentucky Derby

Here’s Sam Pittman’s full interview from “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Thursday: