canada africa partner reservation Do Massachusetts lawmakers have tax increases on their radar?

Do Massachusetts lawmakers have tax increases on their radar?


BOSTON – Despite an April sales increase that exceeded expectations, there are still concerns on Beacon Hill about overall revenue shortfalls and economic uncertainty. Is House Speaker Ron Mariano concerned with new taxes?

A week later, Mariano spoke with WBZ-TV for an interview Senator President Karen Spilka said new taxes were not on her radar screen “right now.”

“I don’t even have a radar screen,” Mariano said. ‘What I have is the situation as it is now. You know, we made a big tax cut, probably the biggest tax cut we’ve made in the last 20 years, and we did that because we wanted to improve our competitiveness. to play that out. That we retain people, that graduate students stay in the state.”

Could Massachusetts increase commercial tax rates?

Mariano, however, seemed unmoved by Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s petition for legislative permission to potentially raise commercial tax rates to cover expected shortfalls from the collapse in commercial real estate values.

“She hasn’t had a city council vote on her petition yet, which I think is significant. If it was such a good idea, you’d think it would be implemented. I don’t think anyone really wants to talk about higher revenues right now,” Mariano said.

Does that also apply to the proposal that Governor Maura Haley announced in January to give cities and towns more room to increase local option taxes on hotel rooms, meals and car purchases?

“I’m not a big fan of any of these,” Mariano said. “We will talk to the people who presented them, but I have a healthy skepticism about how valuable they are.”

Response to the Steward health scandal

And Mariano previewed the major health care legislation he’s proposing in response to the Steward Hospital scandal, where alleged mismanagement has made key corporate officials wealthy and pushed countless local hospitals to the brink of closure.

“We’re going to try to make sure that we close all the loopholes that Steward was able to take advantage of,” Mariano said. “For example, we do not allow a hospital to sell its assets out from under the building. And we will certainly increase transparency by looking at the books of companies that are going to do business.”