canada africa partner reservation Colorado bikers hold “Pride Ride” for Cinco de Mayo

Colorado bikers hold “Pride Ride” for Cinco de Mayo


On Saturday, Chicanos, Mexicanos and thousands of other bikers showed up at La Raza Park in Denver for the 12th annual Chicano Pride Ride.

Manuel Arrellano is the organizer and he says the ride is more than just a good time.

He brings thousands of people together to ride motorcycles and raise money. This year he is raising money for Inspire.

“We partner with nine high schools in the Denver metro area in low-income communities that are driving more students to college,” said Jesse Ramirez, Inspire’s founder.

Ramirez says the money raised from this event will go a long way.

“I’m just overwhelmed, overwhelmed by all the support of people coming up to me and saying, you’re inspired,” he said. “We’re happy to be here. We’re here to support you and the work that you do with young people. And so it’s almost like a prayer answered, right?”

Thousands of bikers attended the 12th annual Chicano “Pride Ride” in Denver on Saturday, May 4, 2024.


Joseph Ortega is an alumnus of Inspire. He says meeting Ramirez changed his life and he’s glad Inspire can help the community now more than ever.

“Honestly, I’m not so sure. If Inspire wasn’t there, I don’t know what my future would have been,” Ortega said.

He says it makes him proud that people who look and sound like him are making this possible.

“It makes me proud that I’m not afraid to speak my language and, you know, just see people around me. And so it’s an inspiration to show that, you know, we’re here and we’re present .’ Ortega said.

But the party didn’t last long at La Raza Park. Once they had their group photo, they went horse riding and played poker all day for charity. And letting people know that when la comunidad comes together, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

“I can’t wait until we celebrate the 75th year of the Pride Ride here,” Ramirez said. “We’ve been here for generations and we’re not going anywhere.”