canada africa partner reservation CEO of Minnesota Sports expresses disappointment at missing out on Minneapolis

CEO of Minnesota Sports expresses disappointment at missing out on Minneapolis


Yesterday it was announced that the highly anticipated WWE WrestleMania 41 will be held in Las Vegas, bypassing Minneapolis, a strong candidate to host the event. The decision has left some key figures in Minnesota’s sports industry feeling left behind.

Among them is Wendy Blackshaw, president and CEO of Minnesota Sports and Events. She expressed her disappointment with the outcome of the selection process, saying that their team had made a compelling bid and actively campaigned to bring the grand event to Minneapolis.

Minnesota’s sports community saw this as an opportunity not only for entertainment, but also to boost local businesses and tourism. With thousands of wrestling fans expected to come from all over the world for WrestleMania 41, this would have been a huge economic boost in these challenging times.

The city’s strong infrastructure, including state-of-the-art stadiums such as US Bank Stadium, were touted as ideal locations that could accommodate such large-scale events. Minnesota’s passionate fan base added to its appeal as a potential host city.

This isn’t the first time Minneapolis has come close but still missed out on hosting major sporting events. Despite having suitable facilities and enthusiastic fans ready to welcome visitors with open arms 🤗, more often than not decisions seem to fall in favor of other cities.

Blackshaw stated that while they respect WWE’s decision, they are disappointed as they felt Minneapolis presented an excellent case. She highlighted how hard everyone behind the scenes lobbied tirelessly for WrestleMania 41 – from government officials to local entrepreneurs who all shared the vision of bringing home the most watched wrestling spectacles in the world.

No matter how disappointing the news may be now; there is always hope that future opportunities may arise where luck could favor the Twin Cities next time when the bidding processes begin again. After all, several high-profile sports meets take place around the world every year!

In the face of these kinds of setbacks, one thing remains clear: the passion-love sport of the people here never falters. Whether it’s football, baseball or basketball wrestling, Minnesotans are known for their unwavering support of sports teams.

Despite setbacks, Blackshaw assured the community that they will continue to strive to host major events in Minneapolis as part of ongoing efforts to promote the city globally while providing entertainment opportunities for locals. She thanked everyone involved in the bid and expressed optimism about the future prospects.

In closing, she said, “This is not the end of us; we will continue because we believe our city has great potential.” This statement reminds us of the determination of resilience. Minnesota’s sports industry will stop at nothing to achieve its goals – even if disappointed.