canada africa partner reservation Dannielynn Birkhead Net Worth – Who Paternity Birkhead?

Dannielynn Birkhead Net Worth – Who Paternity Birkhead?


Dannielynn Birkhead was born on September 7, 2006 in Nassau, Bahamas. Thanks to her famous mother, Dannielynn was promptly thrust into the public eye. The immediate aftermath of her birth was a tragedy, as Daniel Wayne Smith, her older half-brother, died unexpectedly three days later.

Dannielynn’s mother also died when she was five months old; this event received widespread national attention. Dannielynn became a focal point early on due to the controversies surrounding her mother’s life and death.

What is Dannielynn Birkhead’s Net Worth?

Dannielynn Birkhead is the offspring of Larry Birkhead, an independent celebrity photographer, and the late American Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith. Dannielynn Birkhead’s net worth is $3 million.

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This is the sum of her wealth in partnership with her father, Larry. In the course of this article it will be established that Dannielynn did not receive a substantial legacy from her mother.

Furthermore, her lack of compensation due to her late mother’s dispute over an estimated $450 million inheritance resulting from a brief union with billionaire J. Howard Marshall did not affect her financial situation.

Dannielynn Birkhead net worthDannielynn Birkhead net worth

Although Dannielynn spent most of her adolescence away from the Hollywood spotlight, her father settled her in Louisville, Kentucky. However, she did make brief public appearances, most notably at the annual Kentucky Derby. Larry Birkhead gave Dannielynn a conventional upbringing while paying tribute to her late mother.

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Paternity of Dannielynn Birkhead

A number of men, including U.S. Attorney Howard K. Stern, who lived with Anna Nicole at the time of her death on February 8, 2007, came forward claiming to be her father. Among the men claiming to be Dannielynn’s father were Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, a German-born socialite and the current husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Alexander Denk, Smith’s personal bodyguard and fitness coach.

After a lengthy court battle, DNA testing established photographer Larry Birkhead’s paternity, leading to a court awarding him full custody in April 2007.

Legacy of Dannielynn Birkhead

The court’s latest ruling states that Dannielynn Birkhead will not receive any of the $450 million bequests from J. Howard Marshall’s estate. According to Anna Nicole Smith, the late millionaire verbally agreed to give her the fortune.

A Texas appeals court decided that J. Howard Marshall never really intended to give everything to Smith, after more than fifteen years of lawsuits in which J. Howard Marshall, Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall’s son survived.