canada africa partner reservation An American Apple store votes in favor of a strike, a first

An American Apple store votes in favor of a strike, a first


(San Francisco) Union workers at an American Apple store voted on Saturday in favor of a possible strike, which would be the first at a brand of the technology group in the United States.

“The vote shows employees’ frustrations over unresolved issues in the workplace. The date of a possible work stoppage will be determined by IAM CORE (the local branch of the union, editor’s note),” the IAM union said in a press release.

The employees of this Apple Store, located in Towson, a town on the outskirts of Baltimore in Maryland, had already achieved a historic first in June 2022 by voting to establish a union, which occurred in an American store of the iPhone manufacturer had never happened before. .

They have since joined the ranks of IAM (which primarily represents engineers), and their department is negotiating a new professional contract with Apple.

Saturday’s vote “follows more than a year of negotiations with Apple management, which have not resulted in satisfactory solutions to critical issues for (our) members,” the union said in a news release Wednesday. .

The discussions mainly focused on “work-life balance, unpredictable schedules that disrupt personal lives and salaries that do not reflect the cost of living in the region,” according to IAM.

The Towson store has about 100 employees. According to a union representative, 98% of voters were in favor of a work stoppage.

“Today’s vote (…) sends a clear message to Apple,” said members of IAM CORE, who were quoted in the press release on Saturday.

The strike could take place before the next negotiating meeting, scheduled for May 21.

Apple carefully cultivates a polite image, physically embodied by its luxury stores. A picket line for any of them would damage the brand image and would be a first in the United States.

The company did not immediately respond to a request from AFP on Saturday.

The US unionization wave that emerged in a few Amazon warehouses during the COVID-19 pandemic has spread to other groups, most notably Starbucks and other chains, but also to Apple.

Employees at another of the California company’s stores, in New Jersey, are also voting this weekend to decide whether to join a union.

The right-to-work agency, the NLRB, has received numerous complaints against Apple, which is regularly accused of trying to discourage its workers from joining unions.

In France last September, almost a quarter of employees at Apple stores went on strike on the day of the global launch of the iPhone 15, to demand a salary increase at least equal to inflation.