canada africa partner reservation AJ McCarron plays UFL match in Birmingham

AJ McCarron plays UFL match in Birmingham


Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron made his return to the state on Saturday as the St. Louis Battlehawks of the United Football League played a road game against the Birmingham Stallions.

The Stallions won the game 30-26, defeating McCarron in front of a home crowd full of Crimson Tide fans. The former national champion threw for 161 yards, one touchdown and one interception on 19 of 32 passes.

  • Basketball – vs. LSU, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 1pm CT, SEC Network+
  • May 12, 1995: The movie β€œCrimson Tide” was released. Starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman, it is set on a US Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, the USS Alabama.

    May 12, 2011Alabama offensive lineman Aaron Douglas was found dead at a Florida home where he attended a party the night before. The 21-year-old’s cause of death was deemed “multiple drug poisoning” and ruled an accident.

    β€œI left Texas A&M because my school called me. Mommy called, and when Mommy calls, you just have to come running.” On why he had to leave A&M with six years left on his contract. – Paul W. β€œBear” Bryant

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