canada africa partner reservation Kalen DeBoer’s brilliant recruitment silences naysayers skeptical of his role as Nick Saban’s replacement

Kalen DeBoer’s brilliant recruitment silences naysayers skeptical of his role as Nick Saban’s replacement


It’s been months since coaching maestro Nick Saban left the Alabama Crimson Tide, but the comparison between new HC, Kalen DeBoer and Saban is still not over. But for YouTuber Mat Best, as revealed on his YouTube show, MattBeBest puts DeBoer on an edge over Saban based on his moves around recruiting antics.

To further prove his point, he points to the Crimson Tide landing of five-star freshman receiver Ryan Williams. According to the host, this move has given DeBoer an advantage in Alabama that will continue to prevail in the future.

DeBoer is on his way to claiming the spotlight with recruiting tactics


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In his podcast, he reveals how Alabama fans still haven’t gotten over the impact Saban left and still won’t accept DeBoer as coach. As best known, “I’ve heard a few people say they’re concerned about his coaching ability because it’s just different when you’re at Alabama versus Fresno State and Washington…”


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He then goes on to discuss how DeBoer stands out even amid a speculative atmosphere prevailing in Alabama following Saban’s departure. “If DeBoer got the message that he wasn’t in quotes, he’d be good at recruiting because he killed it. Recently I would say one of the big recruits he got early on was Ryan Williams,” claimed Dear. With this move, the new Alabama HC will see his name mentioned in every discussion for the next 10-15 years. Since DeBoer is far from a rookie and led Washington to the national championship last season, he’s stepping up with his bold moves.

DeBoer’s modus operandi for the Crimson Tide

DeBoer visited the Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel on Thursday evening, May 2, and went overboard with praise from Ryan Williams. As claimed by the new HC, “We’ll be playing against the best guys, guys who can help us…Ryan definitely has a very special skill set: explosiveness, along with consistent production.” The 6-foot-4, 165-pound wide receiver is a homegrown talent, but has still managed to rank as the eighth best player in the country.


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With Williams joining a redesigned Tide roster that already includes safety Kameron Howard and offensive lineman Kadyn Proctor, his talents will only be multiplied. Beyond that, Alabama’s new head coach remains relentless in his pursuit of the quarterback. He really wants Deuce Knight to play quarterback for him. However, this would require DeBoer to make the Knight flip from Notre Dame to Alabama, which is another huge move.

That’s why, dodging criticism and facing a lack of faith, DeBoer has embarked on a journey to build his Crimson Tide program the way he chooses. To prove his genius, he may also resort to poaching tactics to be among the best of the best in Tuscaloosa.