canada africa partner reservation Phoenix Suns owner Mat Ishbia struck after the firing of coach Frank Vogel

Phoenix Suns owner Mat Ishbia struck after the firing of coach Frank Vogel



Phoenix Suns owner Mat Ishbia has come under fire by some NBA writers for his decisions since purchasing the Suns, the latest of which was the choice to fire head coach Frank Vogel after one season.

One writer was particularly harsh on Ishbia in a morning newsletter, calling the Suns coach “guilty” for the Suns’ plight.

The writer, Mike D. Sykes of For the Win, II wrote: “There are some bad team owners in the NBA. James Dolan, Ted Leonsis, Tilman Fertitta. I could go on. The jury was out on the Suns’ new owner, Mat Ishbia But I think the matter just wrapped up when the Suns fired Frank Vogel after one season as the team’s head coach was fired on Thursday by a report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski Actually, it had to blow someone’s mind roll after the Suns’ disappointing season and it certainly wouldn’t be the team owner’s. But in reality, that’s to blame.”


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But Sykes wasn’t done yet.

He continued, “This Suns team stinks because Mat Ishbia couldn’t just relive his glory days at Michigan State by playing in any random rec league in the area like any other washed-up college athlete would. No. He’s too rich for that. Instead, he chose to buy an NBA team and run it into the ground. See why I keep telling you that billionaires are dangerous?

Sykes concluded his newsletter with this comment about the Suns owner: “…This speed run to become the most incompetent owner in the league has been quite a ride. For the sake of the Suns fan, I hope he gets there soon I can’t imagine him going from being in the NBA Finals a few years ago to this.”

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“What the hell are you doing?”

Sykes isn’t the only person coming down hard on Ishbia over his team’s firing of Vogel and the current state of the NBA franchise.

Sports personality Mike Golic said on his show on Friday: “I know it happens every year, coaches get fired, but every now and then you have to look at ownership too… He (Vogel) signed a five-year, $31 million deal and got a year of it… He’s about $24 million dollars in debt. I mean what the hell are you doing with all those different layers of the NBA cap, you’re just royally screwed, I don’t know. I don’t get it. I think a lot is spent on the coaches, which I understand, I understand that, but as I have always said and I will never change my mind, more (should) be spent on the players…

“Now in three years you’re going to have three head coaches, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m looking at full ownership of that.”

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How much do you blame Suns owner Mat Ishbia for the state of the team right now?

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