canada africa partner reservation Mother’s Day weather forecast: Rainy conditions likely to slow commuters this weekend: Weather: Nature World News

Mother’s Day weather forecast: Rainy conditions likely to slow commuters this weekend: Weather: Nature World News


According to a weather report, residents of Central America can expect rainy weather this week. Commuters are likely to experience slower commutes and potential travel risks.

Many Americans are expected to travel this week to celebrate Mother’s Day. However, weather conditions could be challenging in parts of the Northeast this weekend.

People with potential travel plans should remain alert to challenging weather forecasts, especially in flood-prone areas. Flooded roads can also occur due to rainy potential.

Weather forecast in the North East this weekend

Zoom Earth Satellite via NOAA NESDIS. People with travel plans for Mother’s Day should check the latest weather forecasts due to rain showers in the Northeast. Commuters are likely to experience potentially slower commutes or dangerous journeys. (Photo: Zoom Earth Satellite via NOAA NESDIS)

The northeastern U.S. can expect potential rain showers this weekend, according to a weather report. The chance of rain could lead to wet weather conditions in the region.

Wetter conditions are likely to disappear in Detroit, New York, Boston, Portland, Washington, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Burlington. Motorists may experience slower commutes or flooded roads.

New York residents could see a bleak outlook this week. Meanwhile, Boston can expect unseasonably cold weather, from the mid-50s to the late 60s.

There is a potential warm spring day in Chicago this weekend. However, a potential rainy outlook can unload on Monday.

Further, Pittsburgh can expect a potentially stormy outlook, with warnings of heavy hail and isolated tornadoes. Homeowners should remain alert for severe thunderstorm warnings this week.

Meanwhile, spotty thunderstorms could threaten parts of the Great Lakes, the Ohio Valley and the central Appalachians.

Miami, Jacksonville, Memphis, Charlotte, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle will likely experience warmer weather on Mother’s Day. On the other hand, rainy forecasts could materialize in Denver, Kansas City, Dallas and Houston.

People traveling this weekend or early next week should remain alert for showers in parts of the Northeast. It is advisable to stay informed about the forecasts before planning any travel activities.

When rain becomes heavy, it is advisable to limit outdoor plans and wait until it improves.

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Weather forecasts in parts of the US

According to a report from the National Weather Service (NWS), potential heavy rain and severe thunderstorms are likely in the southern High Plains to the lower Mississippi Valley.

Temperatures well above are likely in the northern, central and western US. Higher temperatures are expected in parts of the Southwest, including southern Texas and Florida.

Additionally, the forecast tracks the development of a low-pressure system in the Mid-Atlantic and lower Great Lakes. Northern Plains can anticipate possible scattered thunderstorms.

In Kansas City, rain chances may decrease next week. Homeowners should be alert for scattered showers and thunderstorms.

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