canada africa partner reservation Athletics: 19-year-old Christopher Morales Williams overcomes record denial to become world leader

Athletics: 19-year-old Christopher Morales Williams overcomes record denial to become world leader


Christopher Morales Williams writes quite a story full of courage and determination! In February of this year, the youngster was denied a world record at the SEC Indoor Championships in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Despite the country being a world leader on that occasion, this was not ratified due to a number of technical problems. But that didn’t dampen his morale. Instead, he came back to do it again, and this time there was no denying it at the SEC outdoor track and field championships in Gainesville.

On Saturday, Williams won the 400-meter event with a Canadian record and a world running time of 44.05 seconds. In this quest, he broke the previous record set by Tyler Christopher (44.44) from 2005. Morale’s time also marked his personal best time and the sixth fastest time in university history. It appears the achievement has gone to a highly deserving athlete, who often completes long solo runs of up to 12 kilometers, and continued to do so even when facilities were closed during the COVID-19 outbreak. It also brings up the goal he talked about a month ago after the indoor championships.

At the time, Christopher was asked about his goals for the offseason. His answer was: “For this outdoor season I would say a Canadian national record, it would be nice to break it, a school record. I feel like having a set time is more of a hindrance than a goal. So my goal for time would be anything… what if I’m way better than the collegiate record? What if I have a world record? So my goal is just to do the best in terms of time – how fast I run is how fast I run.” Understandably, he stuck to his words. So what was the factor that played the most in this amazing performance?


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After winning the race, Williams said in an interview with Citiusmag that it was the successful execution of the race plan that probably yielded the most from the win. The plan was to maintain the lead from the very beginning rather than take the win at the end of the race, something he said he has done in the last few races.

“…ran that first 100 or third 100 and so this time I thought, okay, let me just win from the front and instead of just having to hammer it at the end and that’s what I did…was in the lead was about 200 meters…was already at the third hundred…was a lot of fun…way ahead…the race plan worked…we did it inside but couldn’t really get it outside…now it comes finally together a little bit,” Williams noted. Implementing the plan indoors had indeed given him great results.


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In February, at the SEC Indoor Championships in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Williams won the 400-meter race with a time of 44.49 seconds. His feat broke the record set by American Kerron Clement in 2005 by just 0.08 seconds, overcoming illness. In a post-race interview, Morales Williams said: “I wasn’t feeling well, I was throwing up… I was sick this morning.” However, despite the strength of his actions, a great misfortune befell him. His race record in the 400 meters was not ratified. Let’s take a look at the factors that led to this disappointment.

Morales Williams’ starting block problem

A problem with the starting blocks prevented Christopher Morales Williams’ astonishing performance in the 400 meters from being officially recognized as an indoor world record. Explaining the situation, an official from the University of Arkansas stated that the starting blocks should be connected to an approved world record system. But that wasn’t the case, apparently due to a decision by SEC coaches.


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A spokesperson had stated: “…must be linked to a start information system certified by World Athletics.” But before world records are officially recognized, “Head coaches at SEC schools voted not to use them.” A similar incident took place in 2018. American Michael Norman ran an indoor 400-meter time of 44.52, which also could not be ratified as a record. But Williams’ record was still recognized as a fantastic achievement.

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“Christopher’s time will be considered an all-time world record and a U.S. collegiate record,” the spokesperson continued. “It may also be considered a Canadian National Record depending on the criteria Athletics Canada uses to verify a National Record,” they further added. The US Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association states that although it will not become a record, it will be recognized as an all-time world record. Christopher Morales Williams’ determination will surely earn him more such laurels.