canada africa partner reservation Weeks after comeback show, 43-year-old IFBB Pro unveils intense back and biceps training routine

Weeks after comeback show, 43-year-old IFBB Pro unveils intense back and biceps training routine


Renowned IFBB Pro bodybuilder, Marc Lobliner, is making waves with his comeback announcement as he competes in the 2024 Body BE 1 Classic in Alabama. Lobliner moves from the 212 division to Classic Physique and is gearing up for a remarkable return. After his last appearance in the 2023 NY Pro, he now sets his sights on a new challenge and is preparing rigorously for it.

In a recent YouTube video titled “Beyond Failing Back and Biceps Training PLUS THE BEST Lower Back Movement, Pro Classic Physique Prep,” Lobliner showed not only his dedication to fitness, but also his dedication to health. Before starting his intense exercise regime, he candidly revealed his battle with skin cancer, urging viewers to prioritize regular dermatologist appointments for early detection – a potentially life-saving measure.

Switching to fitness, Lobliner did a unilateral seated row exercise, demonstrating proper form and technique. He advocated lifting heavy weights safely, dismissing concerns about muscle isolation, claiming: “People get big by lifting heavy, just do it safely.” He added a touch of humor and said: “I’m safe now, I’m wearing ac***m as we speak,” to lighten the mood while emphasizing safety measures.


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Lobliner did a full range of exercises, starting with the High Row Panatta and Seated Row (unilateral), and his final workout was Reverse Hyperextension. Throughout the video, Lobliner emphasized the importance of variety in workouts and advocated for a holistic approach to fitness.


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His four-day split workout routine emphasizes the importance of rest and recovery, with strategically planned training sessions to maximize efficiency and muscle growth. While sharing more about the split, Lobliner also talked about a new diet option.

Marc Lobliner’s healthy diet option

Furthermore, Lobliner outlines his four-day split workout routine, discussing the importance of recovery days and the concept of “building back better.” He explains the schedule, which involves training body parts with a day of rest in between, with occasional back-to-back training sessions to maximize efficiency.


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Moving on, Lobliner also introduced a new product from its brand, the chocolate caramel bar. Lobliner compared its flavor to a healthier version of a Twix bar. This addition to his nutritional regimen emphasizes his commitment to balance and flavor in his diet.

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Lobliner didn’t just make a clear announcement; In fact, he has proven that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve any goal in your life. Currently, his focus is on the Classic Physique division. Are you excited to see the bodybuilding icon back on stage? Let us know in the comments.