canada africa partner reservation Three crucial keys to victory for the Indiana Pacers heading into Game 4 against the Knicks

Three crucial keys to victory for the Indiana Pacers heading into Game 4 against the Knicks


As they watch the series, we take a deeper look at three big keys to victory for the Indiana Pacers in Game 4 against the New York Knicks.

The Indiana Pacers finally got a win against the New York Knicks in their Eastern Conference Semifinal in Game 3. Will Tyrese Haliburton and company tie the series for the Pacers in a crucial Game 4? We explore three crucial keys on the road to the big game.

Despite a losing effort, the New York Knicks were on fire from beyond the arc as they made more than half of their attempts. Donte DiVincenzo went 7-11 from downtown as he turned Gainbridge Fieldhouse into “Donte’s Inferno” with his red-hot shooting. The Knicks made 52 percent of their three-point attempts, and if the Pacers had been able to stop just a few of those shots, they likely would have won this game by a larger margin.

Surprisingly, the Knicks put up more points behind the arc (42) than they scored in the paint (40). The Knicks easily scored in Game 1 with 58 and 62 in Game 2. Give credit to Pacers big men Myles Turner, Pascal Siakam, Isaiah Jackson and even Haliburton as they all had at least one blocked shot. the game and defended well enough to get the win. Turner led the way with 3 blocks and made some key defensive stops along the way. Cutting lines could become a viable strategy for Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle in the future, as it should limit some of the Knicks’ scoring.

The idea would be to force the Knicks to shoot deep into the shot clock while limiting their fast break options. If they can stay strong in the paint and if they can keep Brunson from getting easy layups and floaters in the lane, the Pacers should be on their way to clinch the series.

The Knicks have shot 49 percent from deep for the series, so it is very important that the Pacers keep the Knicks out of the painted area, try to eliminate costly turnovers and not commit foolish and unnecessary fouls, as one of these events could be the difference in the whole game.