canada africa partner reservation This toilet takes me back to this restaurant in Portland, Maine

This toilet takes me back to this restaurant in Portland, Maine


I love Yosaku in Portland, Maine, and just discovered this great feature.

I have been going to public restrooms in Maine for almost 40 years. I’d say I’ve been to dozens across the state. Whether in a restaurant or in a public building, I have seen my share of toilets. But I’ve never encountered this before.

What about the remote control at the toilet?

I will say, this gave me pause. Then I realized that this is a bidet. According to Forbes

Bidets have taps and running water that is meant to hit your body. They function more like a sink. While most people normally use a toilet and then switch to a stand-alone bidet to wash up, there are all-in-one toilet bidet systems that combine functionality.

So the question remains: did I use it?

I haven’t even tried to use this device as it was intended. However, I sat down and just did normal business.

What a surprise when I sat down! The seat cushion was not only soft, but WARM! Not warm as in ‘someone just got up’ warm. Oh no, warm because there is a heating device in it. I was absolutely amazed. Not surprised the technology exists (of course it does). But that the technology was in a restaurant. Here in the US we go for the dry toilets. But bidets are the dominant cleaning method in countries like France, Japan, Italy and Portugal. According to BidetsplusIn many Asian countries you will find bidet attachments attached to the toilet bowl in public toilets, and the same applies to Western Europe. Ahhhh, this was a Japanese restaurant. Yosaku in Portland, Maine

Yosaku Restaurant Facebook

Yosaku Restaurant Facebook

I don’t know if I’ll ever work up the courage to use it as intended, but I really enjoyed the option.

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