canada africa partner reservation Iowa DCI investigator knew geofencing would “ruffle some feathers” in gambling scandal

Iowa DCI investigator knew geofencing would “ruffle some feathers” in gambling scandal


(Des Moines, IA) – The Iowa State and Iowa athlete gambling scandal continues to delve deeper into what happened within the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. Public documents from Christopher Adkins’ February 2023 email have been released, providing more information about the story.

More than two dozen athletes were affected by the internal investigation by Adkins and his team at the Iowa DCI. Their attorneys were recently able to obtain open documents and release them to the public, including an email from Adkins that said, “If they get suspended or a scholarship is revoked, so be it.” He wanted to impress the public to show that the higher powers had the power and push lawmakers to update Iowa’s gambling laws.

The public is already aware of geolocation software used to identify the athletes who used the registered apps, but that information was obtained illegally because no search warrant was issued. Stephan Bayens, commissioner of the Iowa Department of Public Safety, defended the tactics used by the DCI to obtain information about the athletes. Just a month before he targeted the athletes with the software, Brian Sanger said he wanted to draw attention to his unit and to lawmakers to ensure that “no college coaches, athletes, officials, athletic trainers, individuals near/within a college sports association” program and statewide excluded customers do not have Iowa sports betting accounts.

Adkins said this investigation would require a lot of work, but they wanted to slow things down in the future when it comes to athlete gambling. Most athletes used the name of a family member and most were underage when betting on sports. Most athletes do not bet on their own team, but on other sporting events around the country.

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