canada africa partner reservation “He’s…just a bit sh*tty” – SVG’s Supercars Rival sounds out on Kansas altercation as fans say ‘no sympathy’ for FRM Star

“He’s…just a bit sh*tty” – SVG’s Supercars Rival sounds out on Kansas altercation as fans say ‘no sympathy’ for FRM Star


Australian Supercars fans watching NASCAR this season woke up a few days early to startling news. Shane van Gisbergen, despite his best efforts, would not make the All-Star race. But as Trackhouse Racing and Spire Motorsports bore the brunt of the fans’ disappointment, another Australian Supercars top executive went above and beyond to deliver a great night at Kansas Speedway. In only his second Truck Series race, Cam Waters had finished in the top 20!

However, the end of the race was not filled with confetti and celebration as Waters expected. After the race, Cam Waters got into a heated conversation with rival Layne Riggs. But what led to the now veteran Front Row Motorsports driver giving the newcomer a piece of his mind?

Cam Waters gets a rude awakening from NASCAR’s pit lane drama


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Fans were excited to see Cam Waters finish in 19th place at Kansas, but what no one expected was how quickly the rookie would be introduced to the cutthroat nature of NASCAR. From 22nd on the grid, Waters had put the #66 ThorSport Ford F-150 in prime position to capture the top-20 finish. Waters soon entered top-20 territory before Ty Majeski crashed into the wall in Turn 1, causing an early warning.

Unfortunately, Waters dropped to 27th at the restart. But applying his Supercars experience to the next-generation car, Waters put the #66 F-150 in 19th place as the race entered Stage 3. This is when Waters started chasing Layne Riggs in his #38 Front Row Motorsports F- 150. But with only a handful of laps to go, things got heated between the two and Waters may have taken Riggs a little aggressively. pushed barriers. This led to the two exchanging words after the race, and Riggs was certainly not happy.

Soon the race ended with Riggs leading Waters in 18th and 19th places respectively. For Cam Waters, the Kansas gig had been quite successful. As he reflected in a post-race interview with FrontStretch. He claimed, “It was up and down, up and down, it was pretty wild out there! I just have trouble with the restarts and when I was in a platoon with dirty air. By the end I felt a little more comfortable and we got the truck a little closer to what I liked.

For Waters, the last few laps left him feeling like he could have gained even more positions if a caution had rallied the pack, and the race still had 100 laps to go. Although the race didn’t end that way, Waters was happy with the outcome. That said, the driver right in front of him certainly didn’t have the same opinion. Although watching fans only saw Waters and Riggs interacting on the screens, the Australian Supercars driver revealed what really happened.

Cam Waters explained: “He (Layne Riggs) was just mad on the last corner, we got side by side there and I got free a little bit and then got into him, but he’s probably just a bit sh**ty. He didn’t have the best night. He was slow all night and that’s what it is. I had a lot of fun tonight, so I went up to him to say: well done, cool race.

With fans learning that Waters’ intentions were only honorable, the NASCAR community had no choice but to call out Layne Riggs for his actions and his achievements.

NASCAR fans are siding with the Supercars champion over Layne Riggs

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Once fans understood the whole story, they felt like Layne Riggs may have been “shooting” out of his league. After all, Riggs hasn’t had great results in the Truck Series so far. In three seasons so far, the 21-year-old has only achieved three top tens. Naturally, this led many to believe that Riggs was not suited to draft the newcomer so quickly.

Fans began to highlight Layne Riggs’ shortcomings. One user shared: “Layne Riggs is racing the 2022 championship-winning truck and it sucks. I don’t feel sorry for him being back on the field


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Some tried to defend Riggs by pointing to the changes in the pit crew and crew chief in the #38 Front Row Motorsports garage. The user stated: “Layne has had a frustrating season, while Cam is a part-time driver and has a Supercars title to win.” Likewise, others also tried to point to the problems Riggs has had this season as the source of his frustrations. One fan tweeted: “Looks more like a tantrum”


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Fans praised Waters for his impressive behavior in such situations. They stated: “I love some Cam Waters. The man fights hard for every inch.” But Layne Riggs’ dismal results weren’t the only thing that bothered fans. Users felt Waters didn’t deserve any of it; “Bro’s mad at someone who’s in his third race.” But to top it all off, a veteran fan quickly silenced Riggs’ aggression. They shared: “TTake off your helmet if you want to talk nonsense! Damn kids these days”

After taking a look at the NASCAR community that Cam Waters champions, it’s safe to say the Australian Supercars champion may have found a new home if he doubles down on his full-time desires.