canada africa partner reservation Teche Area Farmer’s Market – Shaking out the good stuff

Teche Area Farmer’s Market – Shaking out the good stuff


If you ask a Louisiana resident of a certain age what one of their favorite memories of summer on the Bayou would be, I’m willing to bet more than a few of us would say: a summer lunch with a fresh tomato sandwich. I know for me it was a tasty treat, a cool and refreshing break from being outside in the heat of the summer sun.

Searcher via YouTube

Searcher via YouTube

The problem with tomatoes is that sometimes when they come from the supermarket, they don’t taste as sweet as we remember. Especially when we compare them to the fresh fruit from the backyard vines that we remember from our youth. But if you don’t have a green thumb and don’t have time to grow your fresh vegetables, don’t worry. We shake out the good stuff, just in time for your next home-cooked meal.

Today our Morton Salt Shaking Out the Good Stuff Spotlight shines on a local market that gives residents of New Iberia and the surrounding area the chance to purchase farm fresh produce and household items, but it also helps put some money back in the pockets of some to stop people. of South Louisiana’s farming families.

The Teche Area Farmer’s Market is a biweekly gathering of New Iberia growers and customers. The farmers market is held on Saturdays from 7am to 11am and there is another market on Tuesday afternoons running from 2.30pm to 6am. The event will be held in Bouligny Plaza.

It’s your chance to select and buy home-grown vegetables and other homemade products from local vendors. The selection of items ranges from fresh produce to preserves and jams to handmade wooden bowls, kitchenware, birdhouses, garden benches and more.

The market welcomes all customers and is always looking for new suppliers. If you would like to be a part of the Teche Area Farmer’s Market, please contact Jane Braud by calling (337) 369-2330 or you can email [email protected]

The Morton Salt Weeks Island, Louisiana Division offers this platform weekly to highlight some of the positive aspects of life in South Louisiana. Shaking Out the Good Stuff also draws attention to groups and organizations working to make our communities better and stronger.

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