canada africa partner reservation ‘Woman with the title shouted at me for ‘stealing’ an airplane seat – I had the last laugh’

‘Woman with the title shouted at me for ‘stealing’ an airplane seat – I had the last laugh’


A man has told how he got the last laugh after an ‘entitled’ woman accused him of ‘stealing’ her plane seat on a Delta flight – but it turns out the airline made a mistake

His airplane seat was double booked (stock)(Getty Images)

A man has slammed the “entitled” woman who yelled at him for “stealing” her plane seat aboard a Delta flight. But as he shared his story, he explained how he had the last laugh.

The standoff took place aboard a flight to Alabama and ended with a round of musical chairs as the airline tried to figure out who owned the seat. The 27-year-old claims the airline accidentally double-booked their seats, meaning they were both assigned to the same seat on the flight.

He said on Reddit: “I was on a Delta flight like I normally do to get back home to Alabama. I go through the motions and find my right seat. I put on my headphones and start listening to a podcast when a woman is nearby. my age comes up and says, “You’re in my seat.”

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“I tell her I’m in my assigned seat and show her my boarding pass on the app on my phone. I think she made a mistake, but she showed me her paper boarding pass. She was actually assigned to this one too chair! She starts to get very angry with me and tells me to get out of her chair.

After trying to explain the situation to her, he realized he wasn’t getting through to her because she kept complaining that he was “stealing” her seat. He added, “I explain that we are both assigned to this seat and we need to sort it out, but she keeps saying things like I ‘well tried to steal her aisle seat.’ Now I’m a little confused, but I realize she must be stupid and can’t understand the situation, so it’s okay.

“She calls a flight attendant and says I refuse to get out of her seat (the conversation had barely started, I never said I wouldn’t move, just that we had to sort it out). I had to move to a different seat, which was fine. I’ll take care of it after following the flight attendant’s instructions.”

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