canada africa partner reservation Rare animal finally returns to California

Rare animal finally returns to California


There are certain animals that you see and hear pictures of about, but rarely seen in person. Some are threatenedSome are extinct, and others are difficult to find in the wild and cannot be kept in captivity, which means they can no longer be in a zoo. When you get the chance to see these animals, it is usually something magical that you will never forget. A lot of in the world I’ve never seen a tiger in the wild, a bear, or rare animals like a wolverine or a platypus. There is one endangered animal that just left America a few years ago is finally set to return, leaving many excited Unpleasant again see this rare animal, when it returns to Southern California.

Pandas return to San Diego

Credit: Sid Balachandran on Unsplash

Credit: Sid Balachandran on Unsplash

In April by In 2019, the contract between America and the China Wildlife Conservation Association ended. They had loaned pandas to the United States to help save the species, and thanks to their collaboration, pandas were removed from the endangered area. list, and are now considered vulnerable. Unfortunately, when the contract ended althoughthat’s what it meant the pandas would be returned to China. After years of having them at the San Diego Zoo, you could no longer see these incredible beasts. After five years away although, it was announced earlier this week that they will return, as a new agreement has done metand the San Diego Zoo will welcome two new pandas to America.

Meet the new pandas coming to San Diego

Credit: Stone Wang on Unsplash

Credit: Stone Wang on Unsplash

San Diego welcomes a three-year-old panda, soon to be four, named Xin Bao, as well as a five-year-old panda named Yun Chuan. Xin Bao should be easy to spot when visiting her at the zoo, as is usually the case playful, And energetic, and stands out for her round face, large ears and unique appearance. Yun Chuan is a legacy of the San Diego Zoo, where his grandmother once called it home, as did his grandfather. His mother was born at the zoo in 2007. Yun Chuan will be less as exciting for watch, because he is usually on the lazy side and prefers to take a nap in the afternoon.

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There is no timeline yet to when the pandas are back in the zoo and can be viewed. Look back as we will update you as soon as we find a timeline. If you have have never seen these incredible animals, it’s a must that you stop at the San Diego Zoo and check it out unbelievable animals. If you’ve seen them, it’s probably been at least five years and you’re already way overdue. Expectations will increase And Excitement will also increase as pandas return to America.

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