canada africa partner reservation Trump shows new ‘weakness’ after latest round of primaries: report

Trump shows new ‘weakness’ after latest round of primaries: report


Donald Trump continued his winning streak in Tuesday’s primaries, emerging victorious in Maryland, Nebraska and West Virginia — but there are new warning signs for him when it comes to November’s general election.

As during last week’s Indiana primary, a substantial percentage of Republican voters are still hesitant to vote for the former president. Instead, they are choosing to support former Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC), who resigned nearly 45 days ago.

What should further alarm Trump campaign officials is the fact that Maryland and Nebraska were closed primaries limited to Republicans only, while the Indiana primary allowed voters from both sides of the aisle to cross party lines to vote.

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According to a report from Politico’s Steven Shepard and Madison Fernandez, “Donald Trump showed weakness in the suburbs during Tuesday’s primaries,” which continues to dampen his hopes in November.

“A week after Nikki Haley won 22 percent of the vote in Indiana’s open Republican primary, there was widespread expectation that different rules in states voting Tuesday would take away much of the support for her zombie presidential candidacy. happening,” they wrote before noting, “…significant amounts of Trump resistance among Republicans in Maryland and Nebraska.”

After admitting, “It wasn’t shocking to see Haley break the 30 percent mark in the affluent suburbs of Montgomery County, Maryland,” they continued, “what’s more concerning for Trump is that in Douglas County, Nebraska, the population center, stands at 23 percent. for that state’s second congressional district, President Biden won the 2020 electoral vote in Omaha’s district thanks to GOP defectors, and Tuesday’s primaries showed they still don’t agree with Trump.”

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