canada africa partner reservation Be prepared for dense fog in North Alabama until Sunday morning

Be prepared for dense fog in North Alabama until Sunday morning


A weather alert was issued by the National Weather Service on Sunday at 2:35 am for dense fog until 9 am for Lauderdale, Colbert, Franklin, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, Morgan, Marshall, Jackson, DeKalb and Cullman counties.

“Patchy Dense Fog has developed across portions of northern Alabama and southern Middle Tennessee early this morning, with visibilities dropping to between one-half of a mile and one mile in a few locations. Motorists are apparently to drive with extreme caution, as visibilities will vary significantly given the patchy nature of the fog. Use low beams, reduce driving speed, and allow for plenty of room between you and other cars. The fog should burn off between 8-9 am,” says the weather service.

Fog safety: Tips from the weather service for safe travels

If you must venture out in foggy conditions, keep these safety tips from the weather service in mind:

Reduce speed:

  • Slow down and allow extra travel time to reach your destination safely.

Visibility priority:

  • Ensure your vehicle is visible to others by using low-beam headlights, which also activate your taillights. If you have fog lights, use them.

Avoid high beams:

  • Refrain from using high-beam headlights, as they create glare that impairs your visibility on the road.

Maintain safe gaps:

  • Leave a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to account for sudden stops or changes in the traffic pattern.

Stay in your lane:

  • To ensure you are staying in the correct lane, use the road’s lane markings as a guide.

Zero visibility protocol:

  • In cases of near-zero visibility due to dense fog, activate your hazard lights and seek a safe spot, like a nearby business parking lot, to pull over and stop.

Limited parking options:

  • If no designated parking area is available, pull your vehicle as far off the road as possible. Once stationary, deactivate all lights except the hazard flashers, engage the emergency brake, and release the brake pedal to ensure your tail lights are not illuminated, reducing the risk of other drivers colliding with your stationary vehicle.

By adhering to these weather service recommendations, you can navigate foggy conditions with greater safety, mitigating the risk of accidents and prioritizing your well-being.

Advance Local Weather Alerts is a service provided by United Robots, which uses machine learning to compile the latest data from the National Weather Service.