canada africa partner reservation Beyoncé’s name is added to the French encyclopedia dictionary

Beyoncé’s name is added to the French encyclopedia dictionary


By: POP! Jr Contributor – Katrina Anne Juayong4 minutes ago

From sold-out concerts, Grammy Awards and chart-topping hits, Beyoncé has become the hallmark of an exceptional singer and songwriter.

Queen Bey’s dominance transcends popular culture and music as she is shortlisted for the latest edition of the French encyclopedia dictionary Petit Larousse Illustré, first published in 1905, cementing her influence in French history.

As reported, Beyoncé will be listed as a proper name and given a definition of an “American R&B and pop singer.”

Her name will also include her Louisiana Creole ancestry, which refers to a group of people with roots dating back to colonial times when Louisiana was under French and Spanish rule before becoming part of the United States.

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According to reports, Beyoncé’s name was interestingly spelled as “Beyincé” on a 2020 episode of “In My Head with Heather Thomson.” This is the last name her grandparents on Tina Knowle’s (Beyoncé’s mother) side bore. However, the hospital messed up Tina’s name and refused to change it.

Beyoncé asked her mother why she didn’t correct it, and Tina replied, “I did that once.” The first time I was told to be happy that you get a birth certificate, because black people once didn’t get birth certificates.

In addition, more than 150 new words will be added to the Petit Larousse Illustré this year, showing ‘developments or strong movements’ this year. According to head of dictionaries Carine Girac-Marinier, their selection process consisted of sensing the familiarity of the words among French-speaking communities and determining how the selected words would demonstrate the value of Petit Larousse, which is “excellence and promotion of French culture.”

The encyclopedia dictionary’s shortlist of 40 includes Cate Blanchett, LeBron James and Christopher Nolan, all of whom have excelled in their respective professions.

Beyoncé and his family faced racial discrimination through a piece of paper, but through her dedication, talent and passion, she managed to transform the complicated origins of her name into an important piece of French history. Now her name is an emblem of a powerful black woman.

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