canada africa partner reservation How weather affects airlines and air travel

How weather affects airlines and air travel


But what are their specific responsibilities and how do they help get the planes where they need to be?

David Dillahunt, chief meteorologist at Southwest Airlines, joins the podcast to explain how he and his team support daily air traffic decisions – including delays, diversions and cancellations. He also discusses what weather conditions are of most concern to airlines and why flying early in the morning is usually the best decision during the summer. It’s an episode you’ll definitely want to listen to before (or during!) your next flight.

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A weekly podcast discussing everything about weather and climate. The podcast is hosted by the meteorologists of the Lee Weather Team:

Matt Holiner of Lee Enterprises’ Midwest group in Chicago, Kirsten Lang of the Tulsa World in Oklahoma, Joe Martucci of the Press of Atlantic City, NJ, and Sean Sublette of the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia.